The story of CanneLA

My name is Gaël (pronounce Gay-L, how ironic). I was born in Paris and decided, out of the blue, to move to Hollywood in 2017. I sold my company (a Paris-based health technology firm), and ever since have been very much in love with California. It has been a wild adventure for me, but I'm so happy to be here!

Gael, CanneLA owner

After I arrived in Los Angeles I started writing a movie which was purchased and produced by Amazon. It was a wonderful adventure, premiered in Paris in 2022.

I have always liked to cook. My arrival in the United States reinforced this passion in several ways. First, though it may be silly, I always have this strange feeling of representing France when I prepare something for my American friends. Every time I break an egg I feel like I'm performing a diplomatic act of the utmost importance. In addition, it must be said that I am more gifted in pastry than in foreign languages. And when I arrived, my English was terrible. I quickly realized that cooking was a great way to communicate with my American friends.

So I started offering cannelés to everyone, and the idea of starting this small business gradually became a reality. Finally, it is a very simple activity that is generous, tasty, and benevolent. In a world that is becoming more and more complex and, it must be said, sometimes a little worrying, the idea of pleasing others by baking something with my own hands delights me.

Say hello, take a bite, and bon appétit.

Xoxo, Gaël.

CanneLA founder.